We’re committed to climate conflict transparency and to use our creativity to inspire sustainable change

Climate Emergency and Creative Conflict Letter

As creatives, communications agencies and media experts, we see the climate emergency.
Just over a month ago, Extinction Rebellion (XR) called upon advertising agencies to “Declare a climate & ecological emergency and act accordingly.”
We agree. Because creativity has consequences and our industry cannot be neutral. As communicators, we have the power to inspire change or to keep serving destruction.
We could end this letter here, with a commitment to use our power of persuasion and storytelling for the right side of history.
But a promise is not enough, because our industry hasn’t faced the same scrutiny as others. Remember, we’re good communicators and might be able to wiggle out of this.
OMBRA has committed that before this year is done, we will disclose our ‘climate conflicts’. Whilst respecting client confidentiality, we will reveal the percentage of our turnover categorised by industry, including income from fossil fuel companies and other high carbon clients.
You can find the list of other pioneering creatives and agency signatories here: https://www.creativeandclimate.com/
We know many of our colleagues and friends across the creative industry are anxious/terrified about the climate emergency. We also know that disclosing climate conflicts will be too early, and too controversial, for many Agencies today.
But, we firmly believe that we cannot serve climate solutions, whilst still serving the industries most answerable for causing the climate emergency.
And of course, disclosure is only the first step on a journey that must lead to divestment – divesting agency-client rosters of these clients. Agencies need to align our businesses with climate science, just like everyone else.
Thanks for the nudge, XR

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Pete Snow | Co-Founder and Head of Strategy
Pete’s passion for all things green and eco-friendly has driven his work with sustainability projects; with focuses ranging from turtles to turnover. With a background in international environmental policy and diverse experience within the corporate sustainability field, Pete is OMBRA’s lead strategist and loves it when a plan comes together.
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