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Why 2020 is such a big year for sustainability

For people who are into self-development, the end of January is an important time for reflection. Some of us will use the time to judge how well we’ve progressed, or in my case, how much more effort is needed to shed the holiday weight gain… For others, it may a

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3 Important Lessons Sustainable Leaders can learn from the Renaissance

Sometimes, YouTube can be an absolute lifesaver.When people ask me what I think about unfamiliar subjects such as out-there political theories, literary masterpieces that I probably should have read but haven’t, or the artistic works of Johannes Vermeer and his attempt to bring glamour to everyday menial actions (true story),

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We’re committed to climate conflict transparency and to use our creativity to inspire sustainable change

Climate Emergency and Creative Conflict Letter As creatives, communications agencies and media experts, we see the climate emergency.Just over a month ago, Extinction Rebellion (XR) called upon advertising agencies to “Declare a climate & ecological emergency and act accordingly.”We agree. Because creativity has consequences and our industry cannot be neutral.

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