Redesign Reporting - Part 3: Technology

Creating and reshaping the future of business

We live in a globalised world and in today’s age, people are eager to learn about technological advances such as the latest developments for mobile phones, computers and many other products. From increasing productivity and identifying strategic trends, to helping us connect and communicate across great distances, technological advances have provided with distinctive improvements to our lives.
However, with increasing consumption and production trends amongst an ever-growing global middle class and rising concerns over the implications of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and privacy infringements, technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies face challenging sustainability issues to their operations. As modern technology advances, companies require novel and innovative approaches to contribute effectively to sustainable development.
For the third segment of our Redesign Reporting series, we take a look at how the TMT industry is uniquely positioned to align its core businesses with sustainable practices and report on their progress.

Innovation: through communication

As TMT companies are at the cutting edge of scientific advancements, they have an opportunity, and an obligation, to deliver on key sustainable objectives related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which are increasingly dependent on technological innovation.
With this report, we wanted to prioritise the clear presentation of ESG information in order to appeal to a broader target audience a large TMT multi-national might have; while staying true to our beliefs of engaging copy and creative.
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Over the next few years, forecasted trends repeatedly show that future products and services from the TMT industry will represent some of the most fascinating and exciting sustainable breakthroughs for the planet and for society. From machine learning tools designed to assist with levels of air pollution to the rise of environmentally-friendly 3D printing materials, the TMT sector has plenty of opportunities to align business practices with the SDGs.
In our design, we wanted to create content that would appeal not only to a broad stakeholder base but to the millennial generation that prioritises clear transparent communications regarding sustainability policies.
To highlight how a TMT company might present critical ESG information, we’ve placed Data Security and Privacy as the key material topic for this design. Interest in data privacy and awareness of personal data usage has increased considerably in recent years with binding corporate compliance targets outlined in legislative instruments, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
While data privacy remains a complicated topic for individuals to define, TMT companies have an obligation to clearly communicate their approach to customer data management, in addition to other important economic, environmental and social material topics.

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We believe this design showcases an efficient, but engaging approach to sustainability reporting. Displaying key complex performance metrics within an appealing format, analytical reporting narratives, combined with appealing creativity can be used to drive focus towards a company’s sustainable business practices.
By accurately identifying material impacts through strategic planning and transparent communications, TMT companies can demonstrate positive measurements to an increasingly sustainability-aware stakeholder base.
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