Redesign Reporting - Part 2: Automotive

The road to sustainable transport

As part of our Redesign Reporting series, our second instalment steers towards the automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers and services are looking at an exciting future ahead. A future where the ways we travel will be completely revolutionised by an increase in electrified engines and development of autonomous mobility platforms.
However, as an industry which represents an average of 27% of total made-made CO2 emissions worldwide, there is a responsibility to take measures to reduce the global impacts of climate change.
Whether by reducing levels of carbon emittance across operations or by increasing levels of fleet electrification, communicating progress towards goals and targets is of paramount importance to automotive companies.

Drive engaging content to your stakeholders

For companies operating in the automotive sector, corporate performance across the value chain is king. When it comes to measuring performance indicators against sustainability targets, disclosing clear results are a priority.
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By 2030, it’s estimated that key automobile markets will witness a complete transformation, through changes to vehicle development and the mobility behaviour of society.  As an industry, automotive companies are perfectly placed to steer a transition towards more sustainable methods of transportation. To lead this movement, it is important for manufacturers to effectively showcase ESG strategies to attract and captivate the next generation of customers.
When asked to identify the leading impacts automotive companies can cause, stakeholders frequently list fuel efficiency and the CO2 emissions of vehicles as high-material issues. As legal regulations on vehicle emissions are increasing across the world, demonstrating an effective strategic framework – with verified results – is an effective means of complying with emissions standards.
With this design, we’ve shown how data concerning KPIs such as the total breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions can be presented in an appealing format.

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By utilising a thematic format that embraces the emotions we have towards driving, this report captures some of the exciting possibilities the future of transportation has in store for us.
Creating a bold and informative document that demonstrates your commitment to sustainable business is an effective strategy that showcases your resolve to transform business as usual to a business of the future.
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