Why 2020 is such a big year for sustainability

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For people who are into self-development, the end of January is an important time for reflection. Some of us will use the time to judge how well we’ve progressed, or in my case, how much more effort is needed to shed the holiday weight gain… For others, it may a chance to change direction and adopt a new approach to accomplish our goals.

When it comes to progress towards sustainability in our society, it’s also important that we take stock and reflect on the challenges that lie ahead. With the 2010s turning out to be the warmest decade on record and extreme weather events such as the recent Australian wildfires increasing faster than predicted, the need for action has never been greater.

Here’s a look at our progress to date and what we should aspire to work towards in 2020 and the new decade.



3 Important Lessons Sustainable Leaders can learn from the Renaissance

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Sometimes, YouTube can be an absolute lifesaver.

When people ask me what I think about unfamiliar subjects such as leftfield political theories, masterpieces by literary icons that I probably should have read but haven’t, or the artistic works of Johannes Vermeer and his attempt to bring glamour to everyday menial actions (true story), I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really have an educated opinion about them. Instead, to not seem quite so uncultured, I’ll generally watch a brief 5-10-minute video on YouTube on the subject to get the gist.

So, in preparation for a holiday to Rome later this year and to formulate some basic knowledge about the city’s rich culture, I decided to gel up on my knowledge of the Renaissance. This involved paying yet another visit to The School of Life’s YouTube Channel. These guys do an amazing job of taking important historical ideas and events and translating them for modern-day audiences and clueless individuals such as myself. If you’re like me and need an overview of complex subjects which you have a very limited understanding of, I can’t recommend these people enough.

While I was watching the video and listening to the core ideas behind the historical period, I was surprised to find some similarities with the lofty goals of the Renaissance’s great thinkers and those of us who are trying to instigate some sustainable change throughout our spheres of influence. No – I’m not subtly trying to compare myself and my fellow change agents to the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, but I do believe the delivery methods of the period’s ideals can teach us important lessons on how to better ourselves, and the planet at the same time.

On that note, here is an undeniably amateur translation of what the Renaissance’s goals can teach those working in sustainability.


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We’re committed to climate conflict transparency and to use our creativity to inspire sustainable change

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Climate Emergency and Creative Conflict Letter

As creatives, communications agencies and media experts, we see the climate emergency.

Just over a month ago, Extinction Rebellion (XR) called upon advertising agencies to “Declare a climate & ecological emergency and act accordingly.”

We agree. Because creativity has consequences and our industry cannot be neutral. As communicators, we have the power to inspire change or to keep serving destruction.


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Let’s make the future more sustainable, more inspiring and less Mad Max…

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Have you ever noticed how the future is portrayed in films?

Blade Runner 2049; Children of Men; Mad Max: Fury Road; Geostorm. If you’ve watched any of these disaster epics, you’ll know that we’re heading for a post-apocalyptic existence, struggling to survive in the geological wasteland that is Planet Earth. As entertaining as these movies may (or may not…) be, the artistic vision for our future is often – well – pretty bleak.

As you already know, climate change poses a serious threat to future generations around the globe. Granted, it’s unlikely that tsunamis the size of skyscrapers will engulf cities due to malfunctioning climate-controlling satellites. Or, that our civilisation devolves into tyrannical tribes that roam the desert searching for Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. But the reality is our world is changing. (more…)