Let’s make the future more sustainable, more inspiring and less Mad Max…

Have you ever noticed how the future is portrayed in films?

Blade Runner 2049; Children of Men; Mad Max: Fury Road; Geostorm.
If you’ve watched any of these dystopian disaster epics, you’ll know that we’re heading for a post-apocalyptic existence, struggling to survive in the geological wasteland that is Planet Earth. As entertaining as these movies may (or may not) be, the artistic vision for our future is often – well – pretty bleak.
As you already know, climate change poses a serious threat to future generations around the globe. Granted, it’s unlikely that tsunamis the size of skyscrapers will engulf cities due to malfunctioning climate-controlling satellites. Or, that society will devolve into tyrannical tribes, roaming the desert in search for Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.
But the reality is our world is changing.
Higher surface temperatures, rises in sea level, melting ice caps and glaciers. All the symptoms of global warming will affect regions across the world, causing catastrophic impacts to local communities and the natural environment.
Sounds terrifying, right?
To prevent a live-action version of Geostorm, without the special effects – we need to act to prevent climate change. And we need to act now.

More half-full, rather than half-empty thinking.

Now, at this point, you may be reading this while adopting the fetal position to prevent any additional climate-related stress. We get it. Climate change can be a scary subject. Traditionally, whenever most people think of climate change, they picture an inevitable, looming disaster that presents massive, socio-political complex issues for future generations. ‘We can’t do anything about it’ etc.
Well. The truth is, we can.
Since the Industrial Revolution, scientific research has shown that human actions have been responsible for the increased concentration of greenhouse gases and levels of global warming.
Human actions.
If we can change the actions that damage our planet and our societies, to ones that protect them instead – we can create a future where humanity exists in harmony with the natural world.
There are already pioneers among us who are developing the route for us to follow. Renewable energy innovations; Disruptive circular economic businesses; revolutions in sustainable agriculture and nutrition. The solutions to the universal issues affecting our planet are already out there. The question is, how do encourage people to go beyond our existing achievements and create lasting changes to our behaviour as a society?
The solution? We need to believe that our world can be better.

Our future deserves better than the one we imagine for ourselves

When it comes to predicting the future, it’s fair to say that people generally don’t adopt a very positive approach. Looking back at our selection of disaster movies – what is the one thing they all share? It’s that story of a dystopian future. A future where the world has fallen into decay. A future which doesn’t encourage, or inspire.
In many ways, when we think about the consequences of climate change, we’re often greeted with the same story. An uninspiring, daunting future of irreversible environmental damage, where our prospects for a happy, healthy existence are diminished.
But what if we rewrote the story for the world’s future?
What if, when we thought of the future, we reflected on our impacts on the natural world, took massive sustainable action and took responsibility for protecting the environment?
Well, that would be a story we could be all be inspired by.

Let's make our future a breathtaking one.

At OMBRA, we believe that to galvanise society into action, sustainable or otherwise, people need inspiring examples to follow. They need to see what their lives could be like if they took the next step and believed in the power of their actions. And what could be more inspirational than a majestic, vibrant and sustainable world.
Since our evolution, humanity has tried to separate itself from the constraints of the natural world. We’ve believed that we as a species were independent of our environment – victors of the apparent battle of man against nature. But the truth is humanity and the natural world have always been dependent on one another. We need to embrace and rekindle our relationship with the natural world. In the 4.5 billion years of our planet’s history, nature has always found a way to evolve and adapt to the external constraints placed upon it.
We say it’s time for humanity to take inspiration from our planet and plot our own sustainable evolution.
OMBRA’s foundations are based on the goal of reintroducing people to their interdependent relationships they have with the natural world. We wanted to harness the same emotions of wonderment and amazement people experience when surrounded by nature and use them to reach out to people across business, politics, and society.
Our purpose is to inspire people to imagine and create a progressive, sustainable future for the world. Through our combination of innovative sustainable strategy and beautiful creative design, our message to the world is simple yet powerful;
Make sustainability breathtaking.

Are you ready to change the world?

We know following the sustainable road ahead to solve climate change will not be easy. But when our species put our minds to a task, we can solve anything.
Think about it.
We’ve cured diseases, built airplanes, and even sent a dozen-odd people to the moon and back. If we believe we can do something, history has shown us that we can do it.
We believe that while climate change presents humanity with an immense challenge, it also presents us with an incredible opportunity to create and build a better existence for ourselves and the planet.
And we know we’re not the only like-minded people out there.
While OMBRA’s journey has only just begun, we’re excited to get to work with fellow climate optimists and help people envisage the next generation of sustainable societies, businesses, and lifestyles for the future.
Together, we know we can create a future worth working towards and one that doesn’t create a backdrop for the latest cinematic disaster epic.
Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be showcasing our naturalistic ideas to all you would-be visionaries out there. So, keep an eye out and help us spread our vision of a sustainable future worthy of an Oscar or two.
Pete Snow | Co-Founder and Head of Strategy
Pete’s passion for all things green and eco-friendly has driven his work with sustainability projects; with focuses ranging from turtles to turnover. With a background in international environmental policy and diverse experience within the corporate sustainability field, Pete is OMBRA’s lead strategist and loves it when a plan comes together.


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